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I have been a certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) since 2001. In my previous role as a Registered Midwife, I assisted many families with lactation support during a 27-year career. As a midwife, I made it a priority to help parents initiate breastfeeding soon after birth and provided follow-up home visits during the first week, and up to six weeks postpartum.  During that time I also completed a Masters of Arts in Health and Wellness in Lactation Consulting in 2015. I also provided extra lactation support through a breastfeeding clinic held at Kawartha Community Midwives.

In January 2022, I began working in private practice as a Lactation Consultant with Maternal Infant Lactation Consulting. I offer private home visits for families in the Peterborough and surrounding area. I also provide OHIP-covered virtual visits through the Ontario Breastfeeding Clinic (OBC) and a public breastfeeding clinic at the Midwives of Lindsay and the Lakes clinic which is also covered by OHIP when booked through the OBC. You can select which type of appointment you prefer, in the appointment section of my website.

I look forward to working with you and your baby.

Fun fact: There are now nearly 36,000 IBCLC’s in 131 countries! ( IBCLE website)