Maternal Infant Lactation Consulting

Susan Howlett, IBCLC

Welcome to Maternal Infant Lactation Consulting.

Breastfeeding infant

Susan Howlett, IBCLC is a certified Lactation Consultant working in Peterborough, Ontario and the surrounding areas. She offers lactation counseling and support through virtual or home visits within a 45 minute radius of Peterborough,.

If you wish to book an appointment for consultation, please book on-line in the appointment section.

Services include:

  • prenatal breastfeeding information
  • breast/chest feeding initiation
  • getting a good latch
  • making sure your infant is getting enough milk
  • how to sustain or increase your milk supply
  • having a comfortable experience
  • learning about the many benefits for baby and mother
  • identifying breastfeeding goals and knowing about current recommendations
  • tools for supplementation if needed that support on-going lactation