Maternal Infant Lactation Consulting

Susan Howlett, IBCLC

Welcome to Maternal Infant Lactation Consulting.

Breastfeeding infant

Susan Howlett, IBCLC is a certified Lactation Consultant with over 20 years of experience. She offers lactation counseling and support through virtual or home visits in Peterborough and Lindsay, Ontario, and the surrounding areas. Virtual visits and visits at the Lindsay clinic are covered by OHIP.

Services include:

  • prenatal breastfeeding information
  • breast/chest feeding initiation
  • getting a good latch
  • making sure your infant is getting enough milk
  • how to sustain or increase your milk supply
  • having a comfortable experience
  • learning about the many benefits for baby and mother
  • identifying breastfeeding goals and knowing about current recommendations
  • tools for supplementation if needed that support on-going lactation